“…each home has a unique spirit and, as such, deserves a personalized and detailed approach to make the distinction…

it is all about you feeling at home…”

Project management  End to End

Project management
End to End

Consultancy and Coaching Services

Consultancy and Coaching Services

Increment Property Value

Increment Property Value


Project management

· Have you recently moved to Belgium or Catalonia and you don’t know where to start renovating or decorating your new house or apartment?
· Do you have Language and time constrains, lack of knowledge of market specifics, network, best addresses, and you need support in the planning and execution of the work?
· Did you have bad experiences in the past, you are just “scared” of repeating the same experiences and frustration and, you need end to end support for a project at home?
We provide a full interior service from project brief to completion, for new build, renovation and existing properties in the country or in the city. This involves elaborate a complete concept, the project development and, integrating within a predefined space its furniture , lighting , textures and colors to optimize the objective.


Consultancy and Coaching Services

· Have you planned to make changes and re-decorate your home?
· Have your needs changed over the years and you need to re-organize and re-distribute the space in your home?
· Has your taste evolved with you and you need guidance and best addresses to satisfy your new preferences?
· Are you just unable to find little time to make small arrangements in your home and you need small advice about coloring, shapes, style, finishing keeping sense of harmony, organization and distribution of space?
· Have you made your wish list and you need to estimate budgets, best addresses, guidance, advice…to implement your list?
· Do you need ideas to help you to complete your wish list and desires? More space, more light, more savings, more “eco-materials”?

We manage projects and schemes of all sizes and our service is enhanced by the expertise and resource of an extensive network of trade professionals and suppliers.


Increment Property Value

· Are you planning to sell your home and you need advice to maximize the sales profit?
· Is your home in the market for a long time and you need to conclude the sell shortly?
We provide advice and support to real state agencies and private customers to maximize the property value and facilitate the sell.

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